søndag den 15. september 2013

We're back from Oslo

We had some really great days at Designers Saturday in Oslo. The sun was out and the and we and the Norwegians were happy. Our designs were received really well - many of the visitors had a strong interest in hearing the whole story about every product - from the concept to material choice and construction. We had visitors from all over Scandinavia in our small exhibition tent, which was located right next to Randers + Radius' showroom in Hoff-gården, a beautiful and idyllic old Norwegian farm, located on one of Oslo's hilltops. Saturday evening we went to the big Designers Saturday party at the Plaza Hotel in central Oslo. There was a fantastic atmosphere, a massive celebration of design and our conclusion is that if anyone understands how to party - it's the Norwegians! All in all, it was some great days in Oslo - thanks again to Randers + Radius, for giving us this amazing opportunity!
- Bettina, Alexandra, Kristina, Camilla & Signe

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mandag den 2. september 2013

The final preparations

We are in the process of preparing for Designers Saturday in Oslo, where we will be exhibiting in cooperation with Randers + Radius. Therefore, we have been busy painting the new backboards and giving our podiums a fresh coat of paint. After a very good week in Stockholm back in February they needed an update! So the team gathered and spent a cozy, yet effective working-day in Herning - it was nice to be back in familiar surroundings at Teko. Now the next step is to get everything packed and shipped to Oslo - which we really look forward to visiting!

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torsdag den 22. august 2013

Why we are going to Oslo


Back in February Randers + Radius visited our exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013. They liked our exhibition and our products very much and then recently contacted us to invite us to exhibit with them at the fair Designers Saturday in Oslo. It was an offer we could not refuse! We will be exhibiting in beautiful surroundings right next to the Randers+Radius showroom in Oslo. Designers Saturday is a popular design fair, which takes place every two years in Oslo. We are very happy and proud that Randers + Radius wants us to exhibit with them. Randers + radius is a really exciting furniture company. They are one of the leading manufacturers of architect designed furniture for the contract market. Randers + Radius stands for quality, craftsmanship and finish at its very best. In 2012 their "Grib" table won a Danish Design Award, which is a seal of quality. Randers + Radius is definitely not a boring "office manufacturer”. Innovation, creativity and curiosity characterizes the brand. We look forward to visiting their showroom in Oslo.

Check their website out at this link: www.randersradius.dk and have a look at their exciting products.

tirsdag den 20. august 2013


Skærmbillede 2013-08-01 kl. 12.20.51

First the Stockholm Fair...And now we are back! This time ready to take on OSLO! For this years Designers Saturday the team has gathered again to showcase our collection of different products next to the Radius+Randers Showroom. Who by the way, we owe our deepest gratitude as without their generous sponsorship we would never have made it to Oslo. Many of the products you will know from the Greenhouse exhibition however, some are missing and in their place new ones have appeared - Come by and check it out for yourself! See you in September!

tirsdag den 6. august 2013

Welcome to Lumen!

For the fair Designers Saturday in Oslo are we proud to present: Lumen by Bettina Duelund, which will be displayed along with the other products.


Bettina Duelund

Bettina Duelund

+45 28301392

Lumen is a hybrid furniture, a fusion between a bench and a lamp. The piece of furniture is designed from the idea to make two products become one and to create a new product that invites to reflection or relaxation.
Lumen creates room within the dark with its bright light- a room in the room and a place to rest. By changing the position of the lamp you are able to change the volume of the light. When the lamp is hanging the light is more like a spot light and when the lamp is upright the matt glass gives a diffuse light.
Lumen with its oak tree construction, cushion of wool felt, knitted wire and leather strap creates a beautiful danish symbiosis.

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mandag den 25. februar 2013

International interest ...

Two weeks after our return from the Fair and our designs are slowly popping up on various blogs, magazines and in the papers. There is interest from all around the world: from France with Intricate on the turbulences-deco blog and Alf on the lesmessieurs blog. From Greece with Intricate on the interior design site Yatzer with their Stockholm Highlights. In Holland Strik was featured on the gimmii blog. To Spain with much praise to Fungus and Oneighty on the 5LAB Arquitectura y diseño Facebook site. At home in Denmark Frigg was spotted on the magazine Rum’s blog. Some of the products are even hitting the biggger blogs with Trendhunter, Dailytonic and Designmilk. Also the papers are showing interest when Intricate was found in the Danish newspaper Børsen’s home section. Guess we have to say that things are going pretty well.. :)

Links if anyone should be curious...