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Kristina Kjær


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Strik is a snuggly armchair, that consists of a frame made of ash tree and a knitted upholstery made of wool - a wooden “body” wearing a knitted “sweater”. The upholstery is reversible and can also be used as a blanket. Based on its materials and idiom Strik is rooted in the North and inspired by how we wrap ourselves in warm clothes to protect us from the cold. I have worked with the meeting between the traditional and familiar in contrast to the modern and surprising. The result is a chair that invites to closeness, and I welcome you to experience it.

Strik_02©Ditte ChemnitzStrik_02 Strik_04©Ditte Chemnitz Strik_05©Ditte Chemnitz

Fungus is a small lamp for secondary lighting. I needed a little lamp that could hang on my clothing rack and provide additional lighting for my wardrobe. In addition, it had to be flexible and portable. Fungus meets these specific needs and can be used in other rooms that need a little extra lighting as well. The idiom is rooted in the Nordic nature’s mushrooms - hence the name “Fungus”. Fungus consists of a lampshade made of wool, a handle made of ash and a black textile cord.

Fungus_02©Benjamin Laustrup Fungus_01©Emil Monty Freddie Fungus_04©Benjamin Laustrup Fungus_05©Benjamin Laustrup

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