søndag den 15. september 2013

We're back from Oslo

We had some really great days at Designers Saturday in Oslo. The sun was out and the and we and the Norwegians were happy. Our designs were received really well - many of the visitors had a strong interest in hearing the whole story about every product - from the concept to material choice and construction. We had visitors from all over Scandinavia in our small exhibition tent, which was located right next to Randers + Radius' showroom in Hoff-gården, a beautiful and idyllic old Norwegian farm, located on one of Oslo's hilltops. Saturday evening we went to the big Designers Saturday party at the Plaza Hotel in central Oslo. There was a fantastic atmosphere, a massive celebration of design and our conclusion is that if anyone understands how to party - it's the Norwegians! All in all, it was some great days in Oslo - thanks again to Randers + Radius, for giving us this amazing opportunity!
- Bettina, Alexandra, Kristina, Camilla & Signe

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